Duck Head Memories: Edition II

A few months ago, we asked the Duck Head community to share their favorite memories of the brand, and we were awestruck by all of the stories we received. From collegiate parties in the ‘80s to marriage proposals, Duck Head continues to play a meaningful role in people's lives after 158 years. Find more of our favorite stories below…


"I began to see The Duck Head logo appear in the early ‘80s. Along with my dad and brother we bought a country store and sold Duck Head khaki pants. We ran the store for 10 years and enjoyed selling and wearing Duck Head clothing. Today, Duck Head Khakis are a vital part of my wardrobe because they feel and wear great."

- Tom H, Virginia Tech ℅ 1966

"I purchased my first pair of Duck Head Khaki pants and shorts in 1984 as a student at UNC and a brother in The Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Both pants and shorts quickly became favorites paired with t-shirts, sweatshirts or with button downs, tie and jacket. I was prepared for any and all occasions.

After graduating, I served in the US Army with several different units and on overseas assignments. The Duck Head pants and shorts were with me every step of the way… Central America, Germany, the Middle East and other locations. They were versatile, durable and stylish. When my son departed for NC State 2 years ago, he went with his own set of Duck Head khakis, shorts and shirts as part of his kit. He was and is ready for whatever need arises!"

- Timothy B, University of North Carolina ℅ 1985


"As a young boy I remember my Pawpaw religiously wearing Duck Head Overalls. He was a Farmer and Mercantile Store owner in Waterloo, Alabama. He used to sell Duck Heads in his store to the farmers up and down Bumpass Creek. When he passed in 1971, I remember seeing all his overalls with the brass Duck Head buttons. 

Just a few years later I was wearing frayed Duck Head jeans and migrated to khakis as I moved on to college. Still wear them to this day & it all started with my Pawpaw - if he wore ‘em & sold ‘em, then they must be the best! He was right!"

- Larry F, University of Alabama ℅ 1983


"I wore Duck Head Khakis in undergraduate and graduate school. They were relatively inexpensive, comfortable, wore well, and cool. The old yellow label made them more cool! As a matter of fact I wore them to Woodstock. I still have a pair from back then, but unfortunately they no longer fit. I foolishly think someday I can wear them again, but just in case they wait in the closet."

- Carl Jennings S, Kent State University ℅ 1972

"My husband of 30 years always wore Duck Head khakis and his favorite Duck Head logo t-shirt. He said he was a baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and khakis kind of all-American guy and those khakis were always Duck Head. One day my Dad and I took my then "boyfriend" to go skeet and trap shooting. Of course, he was wearing his Duck Head t-shirt! I went to load the clay pigeon, but the spring was so tight it flew around and hit my husband on his thumb! He yelled so loud, I think I'm pretty lucky he didn't trade me in right then and there! A painful memory for him but when I think back, all I can see is that Duck Head t-shirt on the man I am still madly in love with!" 

Dorothy C, Francis Marion College ℅ 1991


If these stories sparked any memories of your own, make sure to share them with us here!




  • Avery Chappell

    I grew up across from a Duck Head distribution center in Auburn, GA. It is quite literally a childhood memory to see the brand logo from the side of the building! This brand is nostalgic and I always wanted to grow up to wear “the duck clothes.”

  • Shaun Anderson

    Duck Head pants, polos and shorts were the choice of the day in the mid to late 80’s while I attended Florida State University. Duck Head khakis at the Pike house were commonplace. Great looking, comfortable and durable for socials, happy hours or just a night on the town. I’m glad I’ve found them again.

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