Duck Head x Kingfisher Leatherworks

We’re excited to partner with one of our favorite up-and-coming brands, Kingfisher Leatherworks based in Macon, GA. Kingfisher, a sporting company at heart, was founded on a love of land, water, and wildlife. We instantly connected with Kingfisher founder Luke Kolbie, through our shared Georgia roots and our passion for the Social Sportsman lifestyle. We’re excited to partner with Luke to launch the Duck Head x Kingfisher Leatherworks Drivers Wallet just in time for the holidays. 



Luke grew up learning woodworking from his dad. His passion for craftsmanship led him to incorporate leather into a couple of his projects at just 11 years old. Within three years of developing his craft, Luke, 14 years old at the time, sparked interest within the sporting community after launching a unique bag he created to hold shotgun shells comfortably while in the field or on the range. Luke’s cartridge bag, which he still offers today, solved an age-old problem and is designed not to sag, swing, or toss your shells around. To meet the increased demand, Luke ordered a saddle stitching machine and launched his business from a shop set up in his bedroom creating wallets, belts, weekend bags, cartridge bags, and bottle totes. Commissions from friends eventually turned Luke’s hobby into a full-fledged business selling to sporting clubs across the Southeast. 

The company’s name was inspired by the precision, skill, elegance, and sportsmanship of the Kingfisher bird. He takes a “conservation through quality” approach striving to make their products the right way the first time so that they last a lifetime. Each of Luke’s designs takes an innovative spin on traditional leather goods and are created with a durable American tanned harness leather sourced from one of the last and oldest tanneries in the nation. You can shop our Duck Head x Kingfisher Leatherworks Drivers Wallet here and check out more from Kingfisher on Instagram

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