Gratitude Attitude

While this year has been one for the books, at Duck Head we’ve tried to adopt a Gratitude Attitude as we charted new waters and worked from home instead of around a table full of colleagues. And while Zoom and FaceTime saved the day, we’re now ready to unplug and return to our “normal” Thanksgiving traditions – or at least as close and safe to normal as these times will allow. In that spirit, the Duck Head team submitted their thoughts on what they are extra grateful for this holiday season.

Betts - Brand Director 

In addition to the wonderful support we've had all year long from our Duck Head customers, I’m thankful for making it to Thanksgiving with my healthy family.  We’ve had so many ups and downs, twists and turns in 2020 that I feel like I’ve reached the summit of Mount Everest, twice, over the last eight months as I know many of you have too.  I’m looking forward to being home with my wonderful husband and daughters and retreating from the world for a few days.  While I know it seems like we’ve been in this situation forever, I know it will be over soon.  I want to make sure that I relish these days of togetherness and make meaningful memories.  We’ll be back to the lightning speed pace of 2019 all too soon.  Happy Thanksgiving all and I hope you have a healthy and peaceful holiday.  

Cory -  Wholesale Sales Rep

I'm grateful for all of the sports that are back this fall. I took for granted how much fun and communal conversations sports provide throughout the year like ribbing friends and co-workers about their favorite team (or fantasy team), discussing with friends to get to the bottom of your team's starting quarterback controversy, and coping with the fact that Atlanta sports are cursed. Looking forward to watching football on Thanksgiving Day!

Leslie - Designer

I'm always thankful for my friends and family, but this year, I'm extra thankful for the technology that allows us to still see them during this unusual time. This time has also forced me to prioritize these relationships that can sometimes take a backseat to the daily work/life grind. I'm also grateful for my health.

Charlie -  Wholesale Sales Rep

I’m thankful for friends and family and the technology that allows us to stay connected in a time when we haven’t been able to do so in person, all those working the frontlines to enable us to endure and power through this difficult year, the support and trust from our store partners across the country, college football, and the Clemson Tigers.

James - Outdoor Specialty Store Sales Rep

I’m honestly thankful for our locally-owned Outdoor Specialty stores. Not only for their unwavering enthusiasm and support of Duck Head - but for all the goods and services that they provided to our communities during a time when one of the safest places for us to be is outside experiencing nature. In a way, this pandemic has reignited America’s love for outdoor experiences whether that be hiking, cycling, fly fishing, hunting, or relaxing on the back porch with our closest family members. I’m truly grateful for the ways in which these locally-owned small businesses adapted their marketing in order to educate families to rediscover what was always there – the great outdoors.

In the end, everyone at Duck Head is grateful for the big and small wins this year and for the silver linings that were born out of this challenging time. We wish you and yours a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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