Last Minute Local

With the Christmas deadline literally days away we know plenty of you need a last minute gift assist. We suggest running down to the corner to some of our favorite Duck Head retail shops. These guys are locked and loaded with great Christmas gift ideas and there will be plenty of holiday cheer in the air to get you in the spirit. Need more incentive? Check out our TOP 5 list of why shopping local this late in the game is the ultimate holiday win!

1. We’ve got you covered

With over 250 local retailers in 32 states, there are plenty of Duck Head goods to choose from in great retail shops across the country.

2. Skip the Shipping

With all the news of inventory shortages and delays in shipping, you’re sure to avoid the headaches and score the perfect present with your local retailer. They’ve got the goods in stock and are ready to assist with your list.

3. Family & Friendship

Many of our stores are multi-generational and we have some stores that have been open for over 100 years. These spots are an integral part of the local fabric where customers become friends for life and a part of the family.

4. Wrap it Up!

Most shops offer a personalized styling and gift wrapping experience. All you have to do is slip it under the tree. DONE!

5. Good Cheer

The holiday spirit is always in the air in the spots — especially during the holiday rush. And often times a glass of cheer and a holiday spread is on offer as well. Gifts AND a good time is definitely a win-win in our book..

To find your nearest Duck Head specialty store, visit our Shop Local page. Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us at Duck Head! 

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