Who Is The Social Sportsman?

Who is the Social Sportsman? Chances are it may be you. If you found yourself here, you’re likely among the group of men, new and old fans, alike, who align not only with our brand heritage but our fresh take on wardrobe classics. A Duck Head Social Sportsman is just that... an outgoing man who appreciates gathering with friends and family as much as he does diving into his favorite outdoor pursuits in comfort and style. 


While each Social Sportsman is unique in his own right, it’s the collective enthusiasm and similarities in our extensive community that drives and anchors us at Duck Head. The “social” and the “sport” are carefully considered with every idea, garment, or initiative we pursue. We believe that you – The Social Sportsmen – are the common thread that is woven through all things Duck Head.

But not all Social Sportsmen have the exact same things in common. While you may prefer fly fishing to your best friend’s love of deep-sea fishing, you can both agree that a tumbler of “brown water” is a great way to end a day out in the field – be it the work or the dove variety. And while that friend is “a good guy”, your VERY best friend may be the type that fetches sticks in a river simply to hear “good boy!” every time he loyally returns to your side.

Professionally, you guys keep your eye on the ball and follow-through, and socially for most of you it’s the tried and true pastimes – tailgates, low country boils, and family suppers – that hold the most value. You may or may not have a signature BBQ sauce recipe up your sleeve but you definitely have a favorite playlist for that next, last-minute get-together. Life lessons come from Dad and big brothers (both the blood and the fraternal kind). But some of the wisest nuggets are gathered up from time spent with Mom.


When it comes to cars and clothes the Social Sportsman likes stylish, classic lines that offer a comfortable ride. Both old cars and worn-in khakis with a few miles on them have long been Duck Head fan favorites.


In the end, it’s the bridge that crosses from the past to the new that you all find so comforting in all that we’re offering today. Anchored in tradition but future-facing, Duck Head invites all Social Sportsmen to come along for the ride.

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