The University of Turkey

While 2020 has been one helluva’ year we hope the holidays will bring a sweet — and tasty — note to the end of a long string of bitter days. While some folks are fatigued from it all others are ready to embrace a change of seasons, give thanks, and go whole hog— socially distanced of course. With this in mind, we have multiple options for your Thanksgiving ranging from “don’t lift a finger” to “start brining that bird”! 

TURKEY 101 to 501 

Turkey 101 - Show your locals some love and order takeout. Your favorite restaurants have had a tough go of it and this is a great way to give “thanks” AND not have to do a thing in the kitchen. 

Turkey 201 - Fire up the grill  and cook some turkey sliders. It’ll put you in the spirit and the degree of difficulty is minimum. Put them on yeast rolls  with a dollop of cranberry sauce  and you’re DONE. 

Turkey 301 - A traditionally smoked turkey on a Big Green Egg  (see above) is a Turkey Day pastime that will do you proud.  Brining  your turkey the night before will get you in the spirit and after wrestling with the bird you’ll have a good excuse to pour that first Bourbon... 

Turkey 401 - Fry that bird  out back in a turkey fryer. It’ll keep you out of the kitchen and the challenge of being a firefighter for part of the day takes this degree of difficulty up considerably. 

Turkey 501 - Go for it with a Turducken  this year! This is the master’s thesis level of poultry guys...This dish consisting of a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, further stuffed into a deboned turkey is definitely the best way to let folks  know that you’ve gone the distance and are super grateful for them this year. And in the end, if you’re too overwhelmed to take on this feat in the kitchen you can always pull a “Turducken 101” and order one online  that’s already been cooked... 


To round out your Turkey Toolkit use these go-to sources for Brining 101  and Carving 101.

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